Everyone has a phone and everyone send texts every day, which is the principal reason that SMS Marketing is so effective in nowadays. For a moment, let us imagine companies sending to their customers all the information they need about buying their products. The information is more direct and personal and it's read effectively. In that way the SMS Marketing is a powerful business tool for any business that wants to reach their customers and target audience instantly with minimal cost. The marketing and the mobile publicity continue to grow gaining importance among brands, companies and advertisers, especially in the United States, a country where consumption of new devices and ideas is present.

In the world there are 7 million phones operating daily, we can find in our environment people even with two phones that control their lives through both devices. This can be attributed to the strong dependence that has been created to cell phones and the need to always be connected with others. Specially Smartphones that have multiple tools, that goes from calendars and reminders to access to the Internet and social networks.

This evolution of mobile technology and new features has also served to expand the range of sales opportunities. With these devices it's easier to convey information and attract new users and buyers. So it's no surprising that more and more businesses are integrated the SMS in their marketing strategies to communicate with all its stakeholders directly, reduce the marketing costs and increase in this process, the performance of other areas of promotion and publicity.
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