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    Make your business grow with
    SMS Marketing
    Increase your sales and keep in touch with your contacts anytime, anywhere.
    Faster than any other marketing method.
    As simple as texting a friend.
    80% More effective than social and email marketing.
    No contract, no hidden fees.

Make your business grow with
SMS Marketing

No credit card required

98% of text messages are read in less than 3 Minutes. That is why SMS Marketing is so effective, easy and affordable!

Who is using FOLOTEXT

Several industries and different kind of businesses are already using FOLOTEXT to grow their companies

Retail Stores

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Time Limited Offers
  • Referral Reward Programs
  • Last Minute Specials

Restaurants and Night Clubs

  • Happy Hour Notifications
  • Reservation Reminder
  • Dinner Deals
  • Satisfaction Survey

Churches & Schools

  • Donations
  • Fast Notifications
  • Parent Alert
  • Special Events

Accountants & Lawyers

  • Deadlines
  • Notifications
  • Customer Appreciations
  • Follow Ups

FOLOTEXT SMS Marketing Features

One-click set-up

You can upload and update your contacts information by yourself. It's pretty easy.

Your own virtual local phone number

With your own virtual phone number, customers can write you back, asking you about products and services. Messages from clients are free of charge.

Target your audience

Group your contacts in order to organize and target your campaigns.

Increase your Income

Define your specials, send them and start getting new businesses. We are completely sure about the awesome results.

Login from Anywhere

Our application is cloud based. You can reach it from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Reach clients in seconds

Just a few clicks and you have contacted thousands of customers in just seconds.

Get ready to sell

The results are immediate, be prepared to meet the new needs of your customers.

Integration with Facebook and Twitter

Greater reach at the same time and effortlessly

No contract, no hidden fees.

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