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    Make your business grow with
    SMS & MMS Marketing
    Increase your sales and keep in touch with your Customers, Employees and even with your Family and Friends.
    Faster than any other marketing method.
    Unbeatable cost per message across the United States.
    80% More effective than social and email marketing.
    No contract, no hidden fees.

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Make your business grow with
SMS & MMS Marketing

Increase your sales and keep in touch with your Customers, Employees and even with your Family and Friends.

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Who is using

Several industries and different kind of businesses are already using FOLOTEXT to grow their companies

Retail Stores

  • Set up Appointment Reminders.
  • Promote Limited Time Offers.
  • Promote Referral Programs.
  • Promote Last Minute Discounts.
  • Promote Mobile Coupons.
  • Set up Text Alerts.
  • Promote Contests.
  • Share Products and Updates.
  • Promote Events.


  • Set up Happy Hour Notifications.
  • Set up Reservation Reminders.
  • Promote Dinner Deals.
  • Aks for Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Promote Lunch Specials.
  • Promote Today's Menu.
  • Promote Special Events.
  • Promote Loyalty Programs.
  • Set up Waiting List Texts.


  • Promote Donations.
  • Set up Parent Reminders.
  • Set up Parent Alerts.
  • Fieldtrips and Drills Notifications.
  • Community Emergency Alerts.
  • Sep up Teachers Reminders.
  • Promote PTA Events.
  • Important Assessment Reminders.
  • Set up Early Release Reminders.


  • Set up Deadline Reminders.
  • Set up Tax Reminders.
  • Set up Customer Follow ups.
  • Set up Invoice Reminders.
  • Set up Employee Reminders.
  • Set up Tax Return Notifications.
  • Share your List of Services.
  • Promote Season Services.
  • Share IRS Policies Updates.

Pet Groomers

  • Set up Appointment Reminders.
  • Set up Special Offerse.
  • Set up Employee Reminders.
  • Aks for Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Do to List for Groomers.
  • Safe Customer Reviews.
  • Pet Birthday Reminders.
  • Promote Seasonal Services.
  • Promote Products and Services.


  • Set up Payment Reminders.
  • Promote Specialized Services.
  • Set up Employee Alerts.
  • Set up Vaccines Reminders.
  • Lost Pet Community Alerts.
  • Share Tips for new Owners.
  • Share Tips for Illnesses Prevention.
  • Promote Discounts.
  • Safe Customer Reviews.

Insurance Agencies

  • Promote Services.
  • Set up Employee Reminders.
  • Set up payment Reminders.
  • Set up Meeting Reminders.
  • Expiring Policies Reminders.
  • Run Referral Campaigns.
  • Share Mayor Weather Alerts.
  • Promote Limited Time Offers.
  • Promote Insurance Packages.

Doctors & Dentists

  • Set up Appoinment Reminders.
  • Set up Staff Reminders.
  • Promote Treatment Discounts.
  • Share Info on new Treatments.
  • Share Health a good habit Tips.
  • Promote New Medical Technology.
  • Share Tips for Illnesses Prevention.
  • Share Healthy Diets.
  • Safe Customer Reviews.

Personal Use

  • Set up Birthday Reminders.
  • Share Things to do Lists.
  • Set up Payment Reminders.
  • Set up Meeting Reminders.
  • Set up Expiring Reg. Reminders.
  • Share News with Family & Friends.
  • Set up Emergency Groups.
  • Share Personal Interests.
  • Set up Holidays Greetings.

Believe It or Not!

98% of text messages are read in less than 3 Minutes.

That is why SMS Marketing is so effective, easy and affordable!

What is said about

Happy Customers growing their businesses and taking advantage of our awesome features.

Very kind and professional people, great support and amazing application. Reaching our customers using Folotext have improved our customer service 100%. Excellent Service.

-- Jaime H.

We are extremely happy using this software. Each text-message campaign we send, we get a lot of new appointments. We are really grateful. Highly recommended.

-- Zamy M.

I set the reminders with the IRS deadlines and now my clients are delighted, they never forget any important dates. Ty Folotext.

-- Jules G.

We have implemented Folotext with our clients to notify them of important changes in our platforms. They are very grateful as they immediately discover all the news.

-- Xavier G.

We have used Folotext for more than a year and the results have been outstanding. We have increased sales using the reminders we send to our clients, related to appointments, vaccines deadlines, deworming deadlines and others.

-- Janet N.

Customer service is one of our biggest pillars and this tool has made our life much easier. We also highlight the extraordinary technical support they provide. We highly recommend them and their software.

-- Jay E.

Only good things can be said about this application. It is very easy to use and very useful in keeping customers informed and updated. When it comes to support, you virtually count on them all the time. Thank you guys.

-- John C.

This software makes our clients and appointments management much easier. Automatically, every month the system sends messages reminding customers that the service is available again and then they book online. This has saved us a lot of work. We are very satisfied.

-- Mark S.


Risk-Free Customer Reviews

No more bad reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp!.

Sign up now and try it for free!.

Awesome Features

Review Booster

Get Reviews from your customers in social media. We will give you a safety way to prevent from Bad Reviews.

New Feature!

MMS Capability

An image is worth a thousand words. Increase your customer attention and loyalty by sending high-impact content.

New Feature!


Divide and conquer strategy to group your audiences, targeting and optimizing your marketing campaigns.


Schedule your messages and never forget to send important releases. No clicks, no wasted time and even better in autopilot.


Give confidence to your local community by getting a United States virtual number with a prefix from your area.

User Friendly

Desktop and Mobile Friendly access just using your regular browser. Keep your phone free of unwanted downloads.


Save tons of time sending bulk messages to your groups. You will need it to keep focusing on your business.


Convenient and easy 2-way texting functions to make your contacts feel comfortable and close to you.

Easy set-up

You won't need Technical knowledge to set-up the application. Just follow the steps and upload your contacts easily.

Pro Support

Free and Outstanding support to guide you through every step. Chat, Email and even Calls. Several ways to contact us quickly.


No contract. Upgrade, Downgrade or cancel anytime. You will stay due our outstanding service, not by a contract.

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